Welcome back to our 3rd week of spooky Halloween featurettes. This is our Halloween Treats editions of Seven on Saturday. For those joining for the first time Seven on Saturday is a round up of 7 themed. The 7 features come, only from, the blogs that pin up to the weekly Pinterest Power Party hosted by The Taylor House and Sew Much Crafting each Wednesday.

Continuing in true Halloween spirit we have ghoulish treats in store for you with these 7 pins from the weekly Pinterest Power Party.

Stop by The Taylor House today to visit all of the blogs who pinned these wonderful goodies.

If someone were asked if I like to cook they'd probably be stumped over the answer. I actually really enjoy cooking it is the mess it creates that I can not stand and that alone sometimes deters me. I like to cook in a very clean kitchen with bare counters. As you cook though, you create dirty dishes. And my mom taught me long ago to clean as you cook but for me I lose my rhythm.

Over the years I have realized that Carlos rates my food. He doesn't even know he is doing it when he does but for me it equates to a 1- 5 star rating. It kind of hit me out of the blue one evening as he was eating dinner. The girls and I had already eaten, he came home from work and heated up his plate. I proceeded with my routine 3 Bite Question - "How is it?"

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This may sound a little trivial but one of the best things I love about selling Scentsy is that there are only 2 catalogs that come out in a year...TWO! That's it! And I love it. I have sold for other direct selling companies before and we had as many as 26 catalogs come out each year! Not my idea of fun.

With Scentsy's perk of only two catalogs per year it comes with one tiny, minuscule...lets be real it is really not a problem, but gives me a reason to do something crafty. I dedicate one book for me as my master that I refer to over the course of 6 months and it gets very worn and doesn't look impressive when pulled out of my purse to show someone a product.

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Welcome back to another spooktacular Seven on Saturday and thank you to all of our Pinterest Power Party Pinners for pinning amazing posts. Each Wednesday, The Taylor House and Sew Much Crafting host a Pinterest Power Party (link up party) where other bloggers link up their current or best blog posts. Seven on Saturday features 7 themed pins from the weekly link up parties.

We are continuing our Halloween theme with another round of Halloween features. We had such an overwhelming number of great Halloween DIY crafts and decor we decided to do two separate features. This is part two. If you missed part 1 you can check it out here.

To see who was featured or visit their sites to learn how to do these great crafts please stop by The Taylor House.

We had been toying with the idea of home school since Sophie was in the womb. Both of our elementary and high school careers were in public schools however over the course of my adulthood I have developed some serious concerns. So, being the wonderful husband that he is, he mulled over this topic with me being open to whatever I ended up choosing.

To homeschool or not to homeschool? That is the question. For preschool that is.

I started my homework on the subject long before she turned three. I started following some homeschooling blogs, did some research, looked online at my local preschool options - but it wasn't until she turned three that I really began my homework. I scheduled tours, spoke with principals, asked friends and did even more online research.

Let me just say one thing "YIKES! is preschool expensive". That didn't deter us from continuing our search but it definately went in the "Con" column. We weighed the pros and cons and determined that what best fit our needs but still exposes Sophie to what she needs to develop and grow was homeschooling. Right now our work schedules allows one of us to always be home. So why not take advantage of this (while saving some dinero)?

On my path I found a blog called Confession of a Homseschooler .  I really liked her methods (workbox system), schedules, layouts and her at home classroom. She has 4 little ones therefore has a need for an entire room dedicated to her homeschooling but it definitely provided ideas on what we could do just for our one. And although she has so much wonderful information and resources I was a tad overwhelmed at first (I had no clue where to start). But to my relief she had a "getting ready post" to assist in getting prepared and her lessons (by grade) are available for purchase. Thank goodness! So I purchased her Letter of the Week program for my little preschooler. 

Each letter is covered over the course of  a week with different activities to do daily. Included is a weekly schedule which was the most valuable to me. Trying to figure out the schedule stressed me out the most. I then rearranged the schedule a smidge to fit our needs, removed some activities, added others including some I found from 1+1+1=1. I then retyped the schedules for my husband and I to use as a reference throughout the week.

Erica at Confessions of a Homeschooler uses the work box system for her schooling which I liked however being that I am not sure if we will be homeschooling beyond this year I didn't want to make the investment just yet. So my solution to that was doing binders. I chose different colored binders that I found on sale after school started and assigned them a day of the week. 

To make this easy for the hubby I matched the binders to the daily schedule which is also color coded. Each activity is placed in a sheet protector. Some activities are dry erase and remain in the sheet protector (I find this saves A LOT of laminating time) and others are pulled out to color or manipulate. Everything we need for each activity is slipped into the sheet protector with the exception of crayons, scissors, markers, etc (I keep those in a small caddy that we pull out as needed).

Here are our binders and color coded schedule to match.

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I love the guy that I do. We recently celebrated our 11th and 6th anniversaries and one of my gifts to him was this little something I made for him.

I thought I would make him something that we can go back to and read whenever he wants or needs to. Probably when I have one of my moments and he needs a reminder why he loves me so :::wink::: These things aren't necessarily new concepts but there may be a couple that he hasn't heard in awhile or realized I noticed.

So without spending a single penny on this project you too can make this for your main squeeze.

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I am super excited to introduce the new face to my Scentsy Basket Parties, my new Grab 'n' Go Tote! No more large, heavy, awkward, open top basket that leaves you worried if items will fall out or get misplaced.

This cute, so perfectly size, tote has everything the basket party has to offer plus the added piece of mind that it can be closed up. I was so excited when I found these that I bought two. So at any point in time I can can have two parties going at any given point in time.

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